Pond Surface Aerator

Elevate your aquatic environment with Vanguard Water Creations’ premium surface aerators, designed to enhance both the aesthetics and water quality of your lake or pond.

Our selection of surface aerators offers an efficient and visually appealing solution for maintaining a vibrant and healthy water feature. With our expert installation services, including cable and lighting setup, managing your aerator becomes effortless.

These systems not only promote a healthier aquatic ecosystem but also add a unique charm to your space, making Vanguard Water Creations the go-to for functional yet beautiful pond and lake improvements.

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Typhoon Display Aerator (1)

Typhoon Floating Display Aerator

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A floating surface aerator on the water

Pond-Spa Surface Aerator / Deicer

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Hydro-Torque Diffuser

Electric 115V Aeration System Shallow Water Pond / Lake Electric – 115V

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Hydro Torque Diffuser

Electric 115V Deep Water Bottom Aeration System Pond / Lake Aeration – 115V

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Solar Setup

Hydro-Torque Solar Series 300 Watt

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