Floating Lake Fountains

Transforming Serenity into Spectacle with Vanguard Water Creations

A pond or lake is not just water; it’s a canvas for tranquility and beauty in your yard or community. Yet, every canvas can benefit from a touch of brilliance—something Vanguard Water Creations specializes in. Our Hydro-Torque Series Pond and Lake Fountains are designed to elevate your water features, creating a serene yet stunning focal point.

But why stop at just the visual allure? Our fountains aren’t just captivating during the day. With our customizable lighted water displays, your pond or lake becomes a mesmerizing spectacle of light and motion after dusk. Vanguard Water Creations stands as your ultimate destination for pond fountains, offering plug-and-play solutions that come alive at your fingertips. Our easy upgrade options allow you to control and personalize the lighting and color schemes remotely, ensuring your water feature remains a dynamic centerpiece of your outdoor space.

Step into the world of Vanguard Water Creations, where your pond or lake is transformed into an enchanting blend of tranquility and vibrancy.

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