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Vanguard Water Creations is your best source of high-quality water products and global lake fountains. We aim to help you improve your property’s appearance with visually appealing water features. With our help, you will have a well-designed lake, pool, or pond in your area.

About Our Team

Turn to the trusted manufacturers of Vanguard Water Creations to get high-quality water products in Willoughby, Ohio. Since 2017, we have been leading the way in the lake fountain technology by offering advanced products to all of our customers. You can rely on us to help you achieve your goals for your property with our complete list of aeration systems, lake fountains, architectural fountains, and other water features.

Improve Your Property

Achieve your dream design for your pools, lakes, and ponds through our help. We offer the “Hydro-Torque” product line, which is the result of our team’s research and development, prototype design, testing, and quality assurance for three years. This has become the new standard in fountain technology.


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Let us be your trusted provider of water products. You can be sure that we only offer high-quality items as we are years ahead of our competition. For more details, please connect with our team today.