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Welcome to Vanguard Water Creations. We manufacture high performance floating lake fountains, pond aerators, and deicers. Our experience in the aquaculture industry exceeds 50 Years. From fish hatcheries & farmers, to homeowners, golf courses and HOAs’ ponds, VWC’s pond and lake aeration systems are the highest-quality products on the market. 

We've Got The System You Need to Keep Your Pond and fish Healthy

We are located, and our products are made in the USA

Exclusive Manufacturers of the Hydro-torque Series Fountain Pumps

Our Hydro-Torque Series Fountain Pumps Are Engineered & Designed To Operate In The Harshest Environments | Continuous Duty Technology | Eco Friendly

Imagine How Well It Will Perform In Your Beautiful Pond 



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Our Typhoon Display Aerator is Equipped with our Exclusive Hydro-Torque Series Pumps

Ecofriendly - High Efficiency - Rated For Continuous Duty

Typhoon Display Aerator W/ Hydro-Torque Thruster Pump

Hydro-Torque Series Create Water Turbulence, Increasing Oxygen Levels in the pond

Enhance the Beauty of Your Pond With our Hydro-Torque Series



Hydro-Torque Series | Floating Lake Fountain

Our Pond-Spa Surface Aerator is Equipped with Our Exclusive Hydro-Torque Series Pumps | Eco Friendly | Continuous Duty Technology



Boilermaker | Surface Aerator & Deicer W/ Hydro-Torque Thruster Pump

Our fully-autonomous bottom lake aeration systems come in two sizes | We offer both size systems in solar or 115 Volts


Solar Setup
VWC is The Only Manufacturer Of Floating Christmas Trees in The World.

Please check out these spectacular, giant floating Christmas trees for your pond or lake

Majestic Floating Christmas Tree | For Lakes & Ponds

Our Featured Products

Hydro-Torque 1100 Series

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Discover unparalleled aquatic solutions with Vanguard Water Creations, your premier destination for enhancing water quality and aesthetics. Specializing in advanced lake fountains, pond aerators, innovative bottom aeration systems, and efficient deicers, we're dedicated to elevating the health and beauty of your aquatic environments. Our commitment extends beyond exceptional products to include unmatched after-sales support, ensuring your satisfaction and success.

Experience the Vanguard difference—where quality meets dedicated service. Ready to transform your water features? Contact us now to explore our solutions tailored to your needs.

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Reach out to the experts at Vanguard Water Creations for personalized guidance on enhancing your pond's water quality or selecting the perfect pond aerators and lake fountains for your aquatic setting. Whether you're exploring options for efficient aeration systems, seeking advice on electrical installations for our top-tier products, or have any inquiries about our comprehensive range of services, our knowledgeable team is here to assist you.

Our solutions are designed for convenience, typically requiring just a simple connection to a standard outlet. For those select models with unique power needs, we're delighted to provide complimentary consultations covering all electrical aspects to support both DIY enthusiasts and professional electricians alike.

This no-cost consultation is available to all, irrespective of whether you're still considering your options or have already chosen Vanguard Water Creations for your water feature enhancements.

Contact us now to experience exceptional customer service and expert technical support that sets us apart. At Vanguard Water Creations, we're not just selling lake fountains and pond aeration systems; we're offering a partnership in creating breathtaking aquatic environments.