Bottom Draw Tube – Bottom Aeration




Enhance Your Pond with Customized Bottom Aeration Solutions!

Are you captivated by the beauty of Lake Fountains or Surface Display Aerators but find yourself in need of bottom aeration to disrupt the thermocline formation in your pond? Whether you want to draw cool water from the depths during hot summer months or pull warmer water from the bottom in the frigid winter, we’ve got you covered.

Seamless Integration: Adding a Bottom Draw Tube to your Typhoon Display Aerator or Pond-Spa Surface Aerator/Deicer is the perfect solution. Our proprietary Flexible Bottom Draw Tube is available by the foot, with a 5ft minimum purchase. This flexible tubing seamlessly integrates with our products to optimize your pond’s water circulation.

Ordering Made Easy: To order our Flexible Bottom Draw Tube for your Fountain, Display Aerator, Surface Aerator, or Deicer, start by accurately determining the depth of your pond at the installation location. Knowing the water level fluctuations throughout the year is also beneficial. For instance, if your pond is currently 10ft deep, and it can drop to 7ft during dry months, a 5ft Bottom Draw Tube is recommended, providing a 24-inch clearance during droughts.

Expert Guidance: Should you require more than 5ft of Bottom Draw Tube or need assistance from our experts, don’t hesitate to call us at 843-478-7824. Our team is here to answer your questions and ensure you get the perfect solution for your pond.

Take the first step towards optimal pond health – customize your aeration with our Flexible Bottom Draw Tube today!


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